Imperial Bird Club

  Welcome to the Imperial Bird Club world! We hope you enjoy your visit here.

  Our members are very much for the birds! We enjoy working with them as well as caring for them as our companion pets. They enrich our lives and we work to enrich their lives as well.

  If you will click on “About IBC” you will find where we meet each month and what we do.

  We invite you to attend one of our meetings and we’re sure you will want to attend each month and learn from our special speakers as well as from our many members.



Auburndale, Florida

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Text Box: For 2016 we will be having something special each 
month and will be meeting at a different location! 

So visit “About IBC” button and see where we 
will be this month!.

Our June Meeting will be Thursday June 9th, 2016 at 7:00 pm We will be meeting at the


Methodist Church

 2551 Havendale Blvd, Winter Haven, Fl 33881

Bring items for the raffle table!


We will be meeting the SECOND Thursday of the month at this time.